At Newtech Electrical Services Ltd., we offer a variety of electrical service upgrades for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Whether you're looking to increase the electrical capacity of a home, upgrade a commercial building, or improve the robustness of industrial operations, we can handle it.

Projects we work on are known for their quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that your electrical systems are current, compliant, and capable of meeting today’s energy demands.

Understanding Your Electrical Needs

Professional electrical service upgrades all start with understanding the unique needs of homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities.

For Homeowners

We always assess your needs with the following in mind:

Safety and Compliance: Ensuring your home's electrical systems are safe and up to code.

Enhanced Functionality: Upgrading your home to support modern appliances and technologies.

Energy Efficiency: Helping reduce your energy bills through smart technology and efficient systems.

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For Businesses

We always assess your needs with the following in mind:

Safety and Compliance: Ensuring your electrical systems meet all safety standards and codes, protecting your employees and assets.

Enhanced Functionality:Upgrading your facility to support advanced machinery and modern technologies, boosting productivity.

Energy Efficiency: Implementing efficient systems to reduce energy consumption and operational costs, fostering sustainability.

Newtech offers a full line of service upgrades including:

1. Panel Upgrades: Replacing or upgrading electrical panels to accommodate more circuits and handle modern electrical loads.
2. Service Upgrades: Increasing the capacity of the electrical service from the utility to support additional electrical demand.
3. Circuit Breaker Replacement: Updating old or faulty circuit breakers to enhance safety and reliability.
4. GFCI Installation: Installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in wet or damp areas for added protection against electrical shock.
5. AFCI Installation: Adding Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters to circuits to prevent electrical fires caused by arcing faults.
6. Surge Protection: Installing whole-house surge protectors to safeguard electronics and appliances from power surges.
7. Rewiring: Updating old, outdated wiring to meet current safety standards and improve electrical system performance.
8. Lighting Upgrades: Switching to energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED lighting, for better performance and savings.
9. Smart Home Automation: Integrating smart devices for lighting, heating, and security for enhanced control and convenience.
10. EV Charger Installation: Setting up electric vehicle charging stations at home for convenient charging.

Plus much more...

Newtech is a recommended installer for several leading EV charger brands, meeting high quality and inspection standards. After installation, we share the details with the charger manufacturer to ensure top-notch service and quality control.



This is one of those rare cases I wish I could give MORE stars. I am so impressed with the work, the honesty, the communication and the follow up.  Chris went out of his way, fit the job in, did excellent work for a fair price and was transparent and forthcoming with pricing and solutions. Highly recommend

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Sarah Trydal

So glad to have Newtech to work on our commercial and residential electrical needs. Communication with the office is easy and efficient, and Chris very knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. He goes the extra mile. This company is a pleasure to deal with and we appreciate their solutions for us.

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Duke's Fine Ice Cream

Chris Hahn and his fellow electrician from Newtech did a fantastic job upgrading the electrical service at my home, including panel replacement, and installing a level 2 car charger in my garage. I highly recommend them and will use them again for electrical services.

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David Portesi

Amazing people, Chris was an absolute delight to deal with. No hidden charges, polite courteous, completed the job on time, 10/10 would definitely recommend them for service upgrades. They took care if everything from beginig to the end. When I came home my only thing I had to do was reset my digital clocks.

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Huss Chaudhry

Our Renovation company uses Newtech for all of our jobs. Professional, efficient and clean. My clients are always happy with the work Chris and his guys do. They are great guys to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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Cole Henry

We were overloading one of our circuits with two air conditioners and NewTech was able to do some sparky magic to have each air conditioner on its own circuit. They completed the job fast, on budget and were informative and friendly - will definitely hire again if the need arises!

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James Dodds

Chris was great.  Did some work at a co-op.  His electrician came on time and was unobtrusive  and understanding during the troubleshooting in a unit, and for the outside light standards were able to order the parts needed and install fairly quickly.   Thank you!

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Carrie McLaren

Chris is a knowledgeable and helpful electrician. The electric consumption monitoring device stopped working. Chris quickly arranged a time to come to my house and inspected it. Within a day, he was able to recommend a right product to replace the broken one and also very nicely explained it. I greatly appreciate his help here.

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Yuanjie Li

Hired Newtech to remove the electrical fireplace in my new home. The whole process has been quick and smooth from permit pull, actual removal and permit closure. Chris is punctual , completed the work on time and on budget and clean work. Highly recommend.

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Sylvia Yu

We use Newtech Electrical regularly as a subcontractor and highly recommend Chris's work.It's good to find someone that looks thoroughly into the difficult installations that we have at our sites and cares about doing a great job.

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